Saturday, May 9, 2009

737 Ground Handling

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Getting to watch the coming and going of aircraft alleviates the boredom of waiting in airport lounges for your flight to be called, and you can see some interesting things. In addition to watching the often ingenious baggage-handling systems at various airports, the huge tow-tugs that move fully-lagen aircraft are always impressive. Here a tug backs the greater weight of a fully-laden Boeing 737 off the airbridge position onto the taxiway at Adelaide International Airport in November, 2006, before I departed on my UK expedition. I found it ironic at the time that I was loading Australian photographs onto the flashcard and they would travel right round the world with me back to their place of origin. Technically, the biggest problem was finding a spot to get a clear angle on the plane with the lens right against the plate glass to exclude reflections. Then I zoomed in on the subject matter and waited till the tug moved the plane to just the right angle, and exposed the shot. The picture was sharpened and the colour and contrast adjusted for publicaion. Fuji FinePix S5600, automatic, telephoto. Image by Mike.

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