Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trying For Motion-Streaking

Click image to view at 1000 pixels wide

This is a simple effect with a manual camera. In the old days I would put the camera on the tripod at it's lowest hieght, focus in, then set the apperture to F16, forcing the shutter speed out to half a second, then the motion of the water would streak into solid bars of soft-edged light, which is of course how the famous Steve Parish creates those amazing water images in his celebrated landscape photography. Digital cameras are another matter, and this was purely experimental: was the light level in the Flinder Medical Centre rainforest garden low enough to force a long exposure without going to apperture priority? Almost! The result, while not quite the arty streaking it might have been, is certainly engaging: the crystal clarity of the wet rock texture, and the individual droplets of water catching the light. December, 2007; sharpened and colour-balanced. Fuji FinePix S5600, automatic. Image by Mike.

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