Friday, March 6, 2009

One Big Building

Click image to view at 800 pixels wide

Though the effect of "recede to infinity" is not particularly visible in this image, the place preserves that memory most strongly in my memory, for its sheer size. This is Changi International Airport, Singapore, and is surely the single largest building I have ever been inside. The concourses run on and on and on, with long people-mover floorways to get you from A to B on tired legs. The building is truly vast, with glass-walled lounges looking out over the aircraft parking areas on both sides. This was mid-November, 2007, a brief stopover on the way back to Australia. The lighting conditions were deceptive, the place seemed brightly lit but it was barely sunrise and the camera needed a solid footing for a clear shot (in this case, a chair arm). It's also worth noting that the digital system processes the various frequencies of light generated by artificial sources equally well, obviating the need for the old corrective filters. Fuji FinePix S5600, automatic. Image by Mike.

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