Saturday, February 14, 2009

As through a glass...

(You're viewing the whole image, at 600 pixels wide)

Reflection fascinates me: a world contained within a world, with the possibilily of "infinite regression" between two mirror-like surfaces. Images framed within images. The slight bevel in some of the panes of glass in this window prevent the illusion from being absolutely arresting, but you still get the "portal" effect that's so common a theme in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Imagine that you could step through the mirror...! The shot was easy to get; it was actually photographed through another pane of glass, from inside a bistro. Because of the second layer of glass between camera and subject, a little enhancement was done at the software level. Don't forget that every layer of glass stops about 15% of the light, so adjustments must be made. Fortunately, in digital photography this is so easy. Photo by Mel, 2007.

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