Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In a patch of winter sun

Click here to view the whole image at 1000 pixels wide.

This is a rare image, and sadly is going to get even more rare as the countryside that was friendly to these litte creates disappeares into desert. He's a yellow footed rock wallaby -- they're absolutely beautiful, with their gazelle-like faces and ringed tails. Getting this shot was utter luck because wallabies, like kangaroos and koalas, are mostly nocturnal. This one is sunning himself to warm him. You might not believe it, but the day was extremely cold! The shot was staken at the maximum end of the optical zoom range -- 10:1 -- and brilliant winter sun naturally saturates the colors. The camera would have been the Fuji FinePix S5500fd. Photo by Mel, 2006.

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