Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seward, Alaska: where the boats come in

Click here to view the whole image at 1000 pixels wide.

The Small Boat Harbor, Seward, Alaska, welcomes you ... on (believe it or not!) a fine day in the late summer of 1997! I was staying aboard the yach Ghost Rider, which is berthed to the right of the frame (the picture is clear enough for you to read her name). Seward is notorious for the gray skies and rain of the Gulf of Alaska, but in this shot it's not raining -- nor was it actually cold. Until you got out onto the water, of course! The harbor is incredibly busy, with commercial trawlers, fishing charters, tour boats, passenger liners and the coast guard. This old photo was just scanned at 720dpi and given a few nips, tucks and tweaks to bring it up to snuff, since the print is starting to fade. Photo by Mel, 1997.

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