Sunday, February 15, 2009

Relics of the hunt

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These are caribou antlers (which the animals shed every season) and a skull -- relics of the hunt -- and before anyone gets all bent out of shape, let me tell you that these are very, very old. They could conceivably date back to the shamanic days of Native Alaska ... the Great Land is a strange, sometimes almost eerie place. I can tell you stories of Alaska, even from my own small experience of this state, which might amaze. I promise myself, every time I go through the old prints, I'll find my way back there one day. There was no especial trick to getting this image; most of the work involved was in restoring the old print, which is considerably faded. A 600dpi scan, cropping and sizing ... extra contrast and color saturation, and it looks much more like it used to! Photo by Mel, 1997.

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