Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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The architecture is pretending it's an era in which chariots were rolling down the Via Apia and Caesar was toying with the notion of invading Gaul (if the weather was fine for it). 50BC? No! 2008, on North Terrace ... Parliament House, Adelaide! The magic is in the cropping. Very few "raw shots" are ever perfect, and the beauty of digital photography is that you're not locked into the old frame. As a professional photographer shooting 35mm transparencies, I was always hyper-aware of what was in the edges and corners of the shot. You can frame the perfect image of a building, statue, fountain, whatever ... but that garbage bin in the bottom of the shot, the overhanging eaves in the top -- the ice cream cone that was just waved into your angle of view by the kid who's been trying to jump into the shot, making faces ...! Working digitally, you can crop what you want and, using trustworthy software you can resize the image without loss of quality. Photo by Mel, 2008.

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