Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alpenglow on the Chugach

Click here to view at 1000 pixels wide.
From Digital Kosmos
One summer evening in 1997, Mel photographed the alpenglow on the mountains, from the vantage point of Jewel Lake road -- Anchorage, Alaska. The time was around 11:15pm ... still daylight of course! The air was very clear, and sun not long down. The camera was a Pentax K1000 with the 49mm original lens; the film stock was Kodak Royal Gold 200 ASA. This image is also scanned from a 4 x 6 print; the scan was done at 600dpi and "tweaked" a little in Irfanview to "get the most" out of an 11-year-old print which I'm sure is beginning to fade.

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