Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windows onto pure color

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Some of the most amazing usages of color are found in stained glass windows. You normally associate these with churches ... images of saints and holy people performing wondrous works -- but it's not always so! Several wineries trading in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia display some amazing stained glass windows, and only one of them began life as a church. This winery's label is -- fittingly! -- Chapel Hill. The building was certainly a church, but these days the interior is given over to wine casks, the relief of coolness after the summer heat, and some of the best wines this state produces. Photographing stained glass is always a challenge. You must take control, don't let the camera do its own thing! Go to manual exposure and work out a happy medium between the darkest and brightest areas of the glass; then focus with great care on the straight, or hard, lines in the images. Photo my Mel, 2008.

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