Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rooms with a view

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I love this kind of photo. I call them "texture shots," because you feel like you can reach out and touch ... they're practically "tactile," and to me they convey more of the feeling of actually being there than the wide landscapes. I take both, of course, and reinforce the landscapes with the texture shots. It's a result I find very evocative. The conditions were incredibly bright at Hahndorf, South Australia, when I got this picture. It's the top half of a shot taken from the car window as we drove past a roadside cafe. Under the vines at the bottom of the picture, there are actually tables in the deep shade and people enjoying brunch! I used a very fast shutter speed to get this, but the light was so bright, the picture has plenty of "substance" left. The camera was the Fuji Finefix S5600fd, and IrfanView was used to crop, adjust the gamma and ultra-saturate the color, for best effects. Photo by Jade, 2006.

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