Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter in the rose garden at Willunga

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The magic of the computer and of Irfanview, particularly) are at work in this picture. It was a winter's day ... cold, quite cloudy, windy, dull, with rain in patches. Yet you'd think this was a summer's day, from the contrast and color saturation! The tip-off that tells you it's winter is way over on the left: there's one deciduous tree in the image ... and it's skeletal, not a leaf on it. The rest are various kinds of Australian gum trees, which don't drop their foliage in winter -- in fact, they shred their bark in summer! This is the rose garden at Willunga, though the roses had just been given a hard prune when this pictue was taken: cut back your roses this way and it's ten weeks to a riot of new blooms! Photo by Jade, 2007.

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