Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows in a Sea of Leaves

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This is one of those serendipitous shots. I was on my way to a bus stop, looked around and there it was -- the symmetry just begged to be recorded. It's evocative of the 'island of environment' notion, a building surrounded by trees surrounded by buildings, as you move from two dimensions to three. This is Victoria Square, Adelaide, 'Tarndanyangga' in the Kaurna language, the largest of the city's squares and the very heart of South Australia. It's grown up massively since 1837 and is now mostly circled with skyscrapers. This is the brand new SA Water building, at No 1 Victoria Square probably the most prestigious address in the state. I zoomed to exclude all ground clutter and let the automatics handle exposure, the FinePix S5600 does another superb job with a reflex shot on a sunny afternoon in mid-November 2008.

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