Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glorious fall colors at Loftia Gardens

Click here to view at 1000 pixels wide

With the summer sizzling ... with the region setting record temperatures ... a lot of people hereabouts are beginning to long for the end of summer. For autumn -- fall, if you prefer. It'll still be hot in the Australian autumn, but you'll eventually start to get cool evenings, morning mists and that holy of holies: rain! The native trees (gums and eucalypts) don't change color, but Europeans brought wonderful deciduous trees with them, and in decades long before our own these trees throve. These days they don't -- there's not enough rain as the drought deepens and only seems to get worse. But many years ago the climate made deciduous trees welcome, and South Australia is rich with them. This picture was taken at the Loftia Botanic Gardens a few years ago. The only thing I'd do differently, today, is -- I'd use 6MP instead of 3MP. When I got this image, my cards were 80% full and I was shoehorning for space. Wouldn't you know it? A lot of the best images were done in the last 20% of the shoot ... at 3MP. To compensate for this, in the computer I reduced the gamma properties, sharpened the image, and resaturated the color a little. Photo by Jade, 2006.

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