Saturday, January 31, 2009

The tall ship with the terrific menu

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You're driving down the beautiful road leading along the bank of the Patawalonga River, which flows out into the Gulf St. Vincent via the marina and "millionaire country" just to the north of Jetty Road, Glenelg ... and suddenly you see a tallship. A three-master, a square-rigger, parked on "the Pat" at Glenelg --? You pull over quickly and grab the camera, and you experience an "aha" moment. It's a replica of the HMS Buffalo, the ship which brought the colonists to South Australia in 1836. Treat yourself to lunch or dinner -- aboard, she's fantastic. As absolutely perfect replica of the original ship ... which is also a restaurant serving very good food at surprisingly good prices. The restuarant caters to the whole family, too, and (trust me on this!) their forte is the desserts. This is a scan of a shot I took back in the 1980s; I don't even recall when. I haven't been back to Glenelg is years now, since moving away. I always liked this picture, and since the print has started to fade with age, it was recently scanned in and enhanced. The camera was the Olympus OM-10, and I always shot on Kodak Gold in those days. Photo by Jade, about 1984.

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