Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heavenly shades of evening

(Click on the picture to view at 1000 pixels wide.)

You know the old song lyric, "Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's twilight time..." This picture embodies those words. It was a glorious evening, cool and calm, ahead of a change in the weather. It's that change you're looking at coming up here, with the clouds at just the right altitude to catch the light from a sun that was already down. The picture has been cropped to cut out a/c units and chimneys, and a phone wire; but the colors have only been "tweaked" a little, to make the digital photo reflect the actual evening. The toughest thing about getting these shots with a digital camera is convincing the onboard computer not to adjust the exposure. Good cameras have a "normal" setting which offers WYSIWYG -- "what you see is what you get." Photo by Mel, 2006.

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