Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reflex Shooting, Sort Of...

Click image to view at 800 pixels wide

London is such a varied town, there's still plenty to see and commit to pixels away from the classic sights. But sometimes you need to be quick on the trigger... This is part of the new residential complex of the East End around the old canals, the "Docklands" district, and the frame was captured through the window of the DLR, the Docklands Light Railway, an elevated railway connecting the Tower with Maritime Greenwich and points further east. There are multiple bridges and elevated stations, the railway threads amongst and through buildings and is a marvel of engineering. To capture a frame with no blur, no window reflections, and with the camera on an even keel, while juggling a pack and cheek by jowl with other passengers, was not easy! But steadying the camera against the glass, pointed directly outward, then looking ahead to time the arrival of the clear space of the next bridge and tripping the release as the vista opens out, is a good way of minimising the problems. FinePix S5600, full auto. Photo by Mike, November 2007.

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