Friday, January 9, 2009

Life meets art in the Barossa heat

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You would think it was a painting or screen print, at first glance -- but I assure you, it's a photo! I love walking the line where art and photography blur into each other (being an artist first and photographer second, I'm always fascinated by the way life definitely imitates art when given the slightest opportunity). This photo was taken "under the vines" in the courtyard at the year of the Barossa winery, Grant Burge Estates, late in 2006. I remember that the exposure was very tricky, and was done manually; the photo was also tweaked a little using Irfanview, to get the most out of it. Conditions were extremely hot and dry; outside, the light was blindingly bright. The vines offered a little respite -- and this astonishing pattern of light and shade. Photo by Jade, 2006.

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