Friday, January 30, 2009

Koalas really are too cute!


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Sometimes you can hike the woods and see one or two koalas from afar, and they'll be asleep! They look like furry little bumps in the trees way over your head. And then another day you;ll hike the same forest and there'll be half a dozen wide awake, sitting in the low branches of trees right beside the trail. These guys are cute ... but before you decide he'll make a great pet and ought to come home with you -- check out those claws! They're even cuter right where they are, in the wild! This is a telephoto shot on 6MP, and all I did was trim some of the background and resize it for the upload. As far as I recall, the Fuji 6500 was on full automatics, and it did a great job. Photo by Mel, 2008

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