Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...and have you seen their buses?!

Click here to view the whole image at 1000 pixels wide.

Today we're flying the South Australian flag -- literally! The promotion is called "SA Great," and you'll see it everywhere, like this. Plastered down the side of a bus. This was a real "reflex" shot, because I was shooting between traffic. Trucks, other buses, taxi cabs, every kind of vehicle you can imagine, which would take turns to obscure your view, while the bus revved up to leave. The day was sizzling hot -- as witness the brilliance of the light which brought the colors up this way in the image. No digital enhancement has been done. All I did with this shot was crop the bottom to get rid of a trash bin! It looked like this at the time. Photo by Mel, 2007.

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