Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the inside, looking out

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We're back at Grant Burge estates, the winery in the Barossa ... I've uploaded two shots already from this shoot, and here's the third which should put the whole thing in perspective. See Life Meets Art... and also Symmetry, and you'll have the whole picture! The first shot was taken in, and features, the inside of the courtyard, under the vines -- sheltering from ferocious heat. The second shot was captured out in the gardens, looking back at the astonishing symmetry of the architecture. This shot is looking out into those gardens from the high, arched -- glassless -- windows you saw in picture two. The exposure was tricky: the challenge was to make a digital camera give you the aperture and shutter speed you need to correctly expose the outside, not the inside! (As I've said before, a little theory of photography goes a long way indeed.) The camera was one of the Fujis. I think, probably the 5500. Photo by Jade, 2007.

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