Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fractal reality

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I find this a fascinating image ... it's the way reality seems to break up into lines, angles, corners, and then diminish and vanish to a perspective pojnt. You're looking up at these steps, obviously, but I almost lose the sense of up-down, and see a "through" angle -- the "z" coordinate in 3D maps. Imagine that you're not looking up, but level, and this stepway vanishes into the distance ... are we dizzy yet?! The location is the Hallet Cove Boarwalk, South Australia, on a lovely day in the summer of 2006. The photo was easy to get, but it was washed out by bright sun and deep shadows. A long of enhancement was done, to give it texture and rich, saturated color. Photo by Jade, 2oo6.

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