Saturday, January 17, 2009

Candy Lights on a Dark Harbour

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This is one of those times when basic theory cross-cuts even the most sophisticated automatic metering system. It was a very cold evening in Whitby, North Yorkshire, the day after Guy Fawkes' Night '07 (there were still a few fireworks going off) and I had ridden the bus back from Scarborough, shooting all day long. Walking back from the bus exchange to my hotel I took the opportunity to try artificial light shots under full dark, and though exposures were always excellent the shutter speed was very low, which made holding the S5600 rock steady was the name of the game. (I didn't want to experiment with virtual filmspeed, I'd had a long enough day!) This frame was taken with the camera jammed down hard on a railing on the harbour swing bridge, looking seaward along the cafes and amusement arcades on the waterfront, and was one of a few shots where I avoided any motion streaking.

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