Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life is but a yawn ... when you're a koala


The Australian koala ... in its natural environment ... doing what these guys usually do. They sleep, they eat, then they sleep some more. They're just so cute, you can't find an argument with them! Best place to see them locally, in the wild, is Belair National Park. You can also see them at Clealand Wildlife Park, but the name is deceiving. The animals there are actually in captivity, in pens and paddocks. However, at Belair we've seen -- absolutely wild -- and photographed koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, bettongs, bandicoots, blue tongues, a couple of snakes, and numerous bird species. This little guy is sleeping in a tree way off the trail; the camera was at the max of its optical zoom -- 10x, on the Fuji S6500fd. The koala was cropped out of the 6MP frame and digitally enhanced with Irfanview. Photo by Dave, 2008.

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